One assumes that, if one visits an author's website, the author might have a list of books and other writings presently available, and perhaps even some information about what's in the works. If that's the case, welcome! Hopefully, you won't be disappointed.

Now Available

Journey to Fire's Keep: The Return to the Temple, Book One

When a mysterious inferno razes their hometown, a self-doubting young man and his naive, childish half-elf friend leave on a quest to avenge those lost by getting to the bottom of the source of the fire. Up against a megalomaniacal sorcerer and his headstrong apprentice, they quest under the guidance of the man's brother; along the way, an elven wizard with an atrocious work ethic assists them in finding their way. Finally, they must all confront the sorcerer head-on to try and stop his plans for good.

Coming Soon

Fall: The Return to the Temple, Book Two

Emerging from battle, partly responsible for the destruction of half of two cities, a dutiful yet childish half-elf swordsman takes up professional gambling to keep himself and his new wizard acquaintance alive; however, the megalomaniacal sorcerer has returned, and begins to systematically destroy members of the magical group keeping the world in balance. Suspects themselves after their previous confrontation, the pair must clear their names. In the face of encroaching insanity and societal isolation, the elf researches while the half-elf deals with this reminder of his loss, and finally the swordsman faces off against the sorcerer in a battle with everything at stake.

A Chronicle of the Mysterious Events Surrounding the Third Holy War and the End of the World

Throughout humankind's history on the planet Earth, civilizations have risen and fallen. Peoples settled into cities, while others chose to remain nomadic. Countries and governments established themselves, and peacetime inter-mingled with war. Religion arose from numerous sources, and humanity marched onward through its own ability to survive as a whole.

What is it you want to protect? What is there that you wish to redeem? What is the most precious thing to you? Family. Country. Clan. Creation. Beliefs. Nature. Earth. No matter the cause for which to fight, the fight will ensue. And so it is that, in the simple act of protecting, something else is destroyed. What are you willing to sacrifice to protect what you hold dear?

And just how many battles must commence to protect that which is precious?

When you are the sole protector of what you hold dear, the only being capable of guarding against an onslaught of potential foes, how long can you survive in the shadows?

When the fate of the world is at stake, what would be your decision?