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The Return to the Temple, Book One Journey to Fire's Keep
Their hometown scorched to the earth, a self-doubting young man and his naïve, childish half-elf friend depart on a quest to find closure by determining the source of the mysterious blaze. Up against a megalomaniacal sorcerer and his headstrong apprentice, their exploits draw the ire of the magical organization that seeks to keep the world's forces in balance. In a world where magic is practiced like a science, they must face their demons head-on in a world they barely understand, or risk losing everything to their enemies' twisted plot.
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The Return to the Temple, Book Two Fall
Barely fleeing with their lives from their showdown with Asmodeious that resulted in a literal volcanic eruption, Angelo and Justin try to piece together the shattered remains of their lives. Blamed for the eruption himself, the newest inductee to the Revered, Diablo, finds himself at the bottom of the pecking order. But when Asmodeious discovers his apprentice’s little secret, he devises a diabolical plot to destroy his new social network, unintentionally implicating Justin and Angelo in the process. With the world falling down around them and new mysteries revealing themselves left and right, will the two makeshift friends be able to clear their names and put an end to the dragon’s reign of terror?
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Next of Kin
Jacob Kin is an average 1985 teenager, until a camping trip one weekend changes his life forever. Undergoing a powerful metamorphosis, he ventures on an epic quest to recover his parents, and to discover the truth about his own lineage.
The Return to the Temple, Book Three Peacekeeper
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A Chronicle of the Mysterious Events Surrounding the Third Holy War and the End of the World

Throughout humankind's history on the planet Earth, civilizations have risen and fallen. Peoples settled into cities, while others chose to remain nomadic. Countries and governments established themselves, and peacetime inter-mingled with war. Religion arose from numerous sources, and humanity marched onward through its own ability to survive as a whole.

What is it you want to protect? What is there that you wish to redeem? What is the most precious thing to you? Family. Country. Clan. Creation. Beliefs. Nature. Earth. No matter the cause for which to fight, the fight will ensue. And so it is that, in the simple act of protecting, something else is destroyed. What are you willing to sacrifice to protect what you hold dear?

And just how many battles must commence to protect that which is precious?

When you are the sole protector of what you hold dear, the only being capable of guarding against an onslaught of potential foes, how long can you survive in the shadows?

When the fate of the world is at stake, what would be your decision?

Ave Maria
Upon discovering a haunting game inside a bootleg console on-a-chip system, a desperate young man journeys around the world to find the answers to its mysterious origin.
Beat Down, Derelict, and Left for Dead
A trio of novellas exploring the realities of life in modern America.
Following the story of a young man growing up in an otherwise-abandoned pueblo, this story explores themes of what it means to live—and die.
So You Want to Take Pictures of Galaxies and Stuff
A humor-tinged approachable reference on the finer points of the art of astrophotography.